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Here's To The Fourth Time!

Yeah, I’m doing it again.

By my count1, this is indeed the 4th time I’ve completely reworked my blog and started over. Last year, I tried writing about baseball. The year before that, I don’t think I actually wrote anything. Who can tell anymore? To be perfectly frank, I don’t expect the readers2 to expect much from me, and they’re correct in doing so. Part of me hopes that this time I’ll be be able to use this blog occasionally without feeling bad about how I never do. I’m also hoping that I’ll actually have things to write about: the long-abandoned projects I’ve been neglecting for years.

That’s probably all gross and unearned optimism, though.

Either way, I’m declaring a new start. Again. The thing they don’t tell you about those is that you can start over as many times as you need to.

  1. Who’s counting? ↩︎

  2. Describing the readership of this blog in the plural may be optimistic on my part. ↩︎