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Last Week in Baseball (2020-08-03*)

I totally meant to publish this a day late under the expectation that the season would’ve already been cancelled. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Either way, I’m writing this on Tuesday night while watching Boston at Tampa Bay and honestly, how are you supposed to tell the difference between a game at Tropicana Field now and when they actually let fans in?

The broadcast woes continue, although the situation is constantly improving.

On WEEI, it certainly has sounded like they’ve got a variety of feeds available, but not all of them are perfectly in sync. Joe Castiglione’s broadcast partner described his feed, being ahead of Joe’s by a few seconds, as being “Altuve in the booth”. NESN, meanwhile, keeps cutting to their hilariously-socially-distanced studio in Watertown.

For what it’s worth, I enjoy listening to the game on radio far more than do on TV. This isn’t anything against the casters, but there’s just something about listening to the games on radio. It’s a little romantic, especially if you’re out driving at night. Even if I’ve only got the game on in the background, I’m likely to pick radio over TV.

Right now, I’m of the opinion that Eovaldi is the best pitcher on the Sox roster. More annoyingly, he might be the only good pitcher on the roster. There’s some issues offensively as well, but I have higher hopes that the Sox can get back in the swing of things1 on that side of things in the remaining 50 games. Even the best batting and fielding in the world won’t help when the pitchers keep letting the other team score, though.

The weekend’s rivalry series with the Yankees proved the point out. In a lot of ways, the series played out like every other Sox/Yanks series: lots of runs, long-running games2, and even the feeling that maybe, just maybe, any of the games were winnable. Unfortunately, there may not be enough games left in the season to climb out of the AL East basement.

COVID-19 continues to loom over the whole league, and professional sports at large. Several members of the Cardinals have now tested positive, and I still don’t know why the league hasn’t shut down. I’m legitimately shocked that MLB didn’t decide to halt the season at this point. This week has seen the start of school in some regions and things are already not looking good. There isn’t a safe or effective way to continue to run professional (or amateur, for that matter) sports right now unless the league sets up a bubble. Consider the Mariners a preview for when college football starts up in September. My bitter prediction is that the D2 and D3 leagues that have decided to not play this season will be able to claim a moral victory, if there’s anyone left at the NCAA to record it. There are already enough legitimate concerns about colleges and universities opening back up for students even before you get into playing sports, and even before you get into travelling to play those sports. The fact that college sports haven’t been cancelled across the board is a moral failing of anyone and everyone with decision-making authority in the matter.

Sam Adams, your beer’s pretty good, but I want to throw Your Cousin From Boston into a wood chipper. See you next week, hopefully.

  1. Your humble author cannot resist a bad pun. 

  2. Do we know what games Manfred watches most often? I would actually understand his strange obsession with making the game “more exciting” and shortening average game length if he only ever watches BOS/NYY games.