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fmux - A tmux configuration for people who still have F-keys

It’s been a while1 since I’ve written anything here. Let’s get started with a little post about a project I’ve been using for a while.

fmux is a tmux configuration file that shamelessly rips off what I consider to be byobu’s most important and useful features, but without as much overhead. I’m currently maintaining a version for tmux versions 3.0 or greater, as well as a version for tmux 2.9 that should also work on earlier versions, although it might occasionally complain about certain appearance settings. I might build a version for tmux 2.6 at some point, since it’s what’s provided on the current Ubuntu LTS.

You might not find this super useful if you’re using a 60% (or smaller!) keyboard, although I get by fine with judicious use of the Fn key.

Full details, as well as the current set of provided keybinds, at the GitHub repository.

  1. Please consider this post my entry for Understatement of the Year