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Better Listening through Scripting

I can’t deal with iTunes anymore. It’s finally become too terrible to use on a regular basis. This, along with the impending failure of the hard drive in my beloved iPod classic, led to my purchase of a new MP3 player.1 My choice was the Sony Walkman NW-A35, which has Bluetooth and plays FLACs and accepts a microSD card – it does all the things you’d want an MP3 player to do nowadays. It also has a headphone jack.

My two gripes with it:

  • It uses a weird proprietary cable for charging and data transfer.2
  • The software utilities provided for transferring files and playlists to it are, not to put too fine a point on it, fucking useless.

One of these problems is easily fixed though, since the internal storage and the SD card both show up as normal mass storage devices when you plug it in to a computer. Here’s where the real fun begins: my desktop music player/library of choice post-iTunes is Clementine, an excellent open-source piece of software that does everything I want it to do. The playlist files it generates, however, are based on absolute paths to my music library. Even more frustratingly, for some unknown reason on my Mac it refuses to actually copy files to the Walkman. Instead of troubleshooting this issue, I wrote a quick Bash script to copy files to an arbitrary destination while preserving the artist>album folder hierarchy, and then creates a new M3U playlist file with relative paths suitable for use in my MP3 player. I suspect it’ll work for other MP3 players too, although I don’t have any to test.

You can find the script I wrote, m3umangle, at this GitHub repository. Pull requests are accepted and appreciated.

  1. Yes. In 2017. I’m stubborn. 

  2. It’s a Sony!